Tuesday, 21 October 2014


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Now that miniature empire is dead,
I have chosen to distance myself from the cursed name, and go forward as a person with a name.

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Friday, 17 October 2014

Lano Plays: WarmaHordes Journeyman League, Week 2

Hello people, ladies and gentlemen, fishes and turtles, and that ONE person who looked at my blog from Iran...
Unfortunately, you won't find anything to do with how to kill Americans, you got your hopes up when you googled "Warmachine" probably... Silly muppet, if you genuinely do play WarmaHordes... Then hi!! 

So this week, is week 2 of our Journeyman league. Most people are ready for their games, unfortunately two of our entourage wasn't present today but they'll hopefully get there games in next week. 

Well my 15 points was a little difficult to choose from to be honest. Only having 3 points to spend, I thought is go funny and take a Razorback Crew.  Now, I saw this model in the Miniature Empire store, and during the sale I just had to pick it up! It's the perfect base size, and it suits my theme ideally. May I present to you, the Pig-A-Pult! It's originally a Malifeux model, but it was the same base size as a regular Razorback Crew.  Here he is!
Now I do realise some of you may be shouting, "They're Shit!" But hey, it may be true that artillery have the short straw in many ways and faults, but I've picked fashion over substance, and he looks beautiful!
I know I haven't done the tactica for the battle group yet, but il try do it all in one blog post!

At 2 Weeks, each list is 15 points... With his new Razorback deployed, painted, and ready to smack shot up, Lord Carver feels confidence in riding the storm.

The first game was against Cynar. Although it was a practise, and the pigs got warmed up, they got blasted with a lot of arcane blasts etc, but the Batten Down the Hatches kept them safe till all the objectives were secured and won on scenario.

Second up was Magnus from Riot. He felt semi confident, after which I told him that the Warhog in my list was the only hard hitting model I had. Which promptly led him to target the Hog.

I decided to shield my Warhog with the two Gunboars, this allowed my Warhog to get into combat safely with the help of some slamming from my light war beasts. With everything knocked down, my Warhog forces himself for more STR for the cost of a fury and d3 damage. Then charges to try to finish the mangler. He clears up nicely,
Leaving Magnus watching and shitting his pants!
Magnus at this point said "Fuck it, I'm going To Smack something... 
*hopefully it won't be my lovely face..*

Magnus however fails to achieve anything. With the combination of bad dice rolls, and more swearing/noise than a group of black men in a fried chicken shop, Magnus knew his time was up, and the Warhog, the one he wanted to try remove early, comes in with Carvers Feat and absolutely ruins Magnus. 
GG Riot!! 

The only other game I had pictures of was Cygnar vs Mercs. The picture below shows the destructive power of the renegades creamed of doom. 

Unfortunately, it didn't do a significant amount of damage.  Other than this I apologise for not taking as many photos in store!

Lessons learnt today:
1) slamming your own models works. 
2) Carver is a very good mid range caster.
3) Don't write a blog at 3am. I should be asleep!!!!

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Lano Plays: WarmaHordes Journeyman League Week 1

Good evening ladies and gentlemen and every pony! 
It is I, and today I have a surprise...
So all my posts recently have been of Everblight and the painting leading up to this journeyman league. Well you see, I visit a place called Dark Sphere and walked out with a lot of new toys... FFS... 

So may I introduce... The NEW battle box, Lord Carver, The Bringer of Most Massive Destruction, Esquire III.
Yes that's his full name and I appreciate you use his full name please.
Accompanying him is his Battle Box, a Warhog, and not ONE BUT TWO stupid Gun Boars... 😒
Stupid things couldn't hit a barn door...
Anyway, a tactica on these Beauties (in the eye of the beholder) will be put up later for you other people to spy and note down. Because I know there are people who will read this and try to gain some advantage!!

Down below, I played with a new iPhone app called WOWfx... Go check it, it makes things pretty...

Now back to the games, and loads of opportunities for Photo porn. My first opponent was Anthony, who has been featured in my blog before. 
Madrak and his Battle Group step forward to begin the carnage!

Both armies line up to run at each other, my Gun Boar "Iron Pig" attempts to let a shot off but comes out short. Under the cover of Lord Carver, The Bringer of Most Massive Destruction, Esquire III's Batten Down The Hatches, the pigs walk up without fear of damage, ARM20/21 is a difficult nut to crack!

Meanwhile, a turn later, Gun Boar "Bang" hits his target but deals a measly 4 Damage. These guys are going to have to do better than this!

"Iron Pig" camps into the Cover, and with the help of Batten Down the Hatchs, he continues to try blast away at the Impaler. He hits 0 times but does deal 1 Damage with a blast, stupid Gun Boars...

The turn after, Lord Carver, The Bringer of Most Massive Destruction, Esquire III urges his minions on, re assuring them of the safety Batten Down the Hatches. 
The War Hog runs into the front line to stop the Impalers from throwing their jungle man spears at him. 

Lord Carver, The Bringer of Most Massive Destruction, Esquire III joins the fight! He pop his feat, and starts to get to work on the Impaler in front of him. Needing 5 to hit, he hits a measly twice out of 6 Attacks!! The fucking Impaler is still standing... It doesn't matter, Iron Pig will deal with them... I thought, well, I believed... But ALAS!! Allah really doesn't like pigs because he too can't hit a fucking thing... Missing his attacks on the 3 damage remaining Left Impaler... Now that has really screwed my plan, I was hoping for the Warhog to get into Madrak and kill him...
I'm going to try take the consolation prize and kill both his Warbeasts off, which means his last beast, the Axer can be easily delt with the next turn... But look, my Warhog takes 4 attacks to kill the Right Impaler, and the one with THREE damage survives 2 attacks... FUCK MY FUCKING LIFE...
This is a shit game...

Needless to say, Madrak popped his feat... Killed everything... 
This is how I imagined it to look like... Because TBH I was fuming at this point...

With Madrak killing both my Warbeasts on the front line, his Axer, brimming with fury ready to be unleashed, charged my remaining Gun Boar... And that's all he wrote...

Starting with a loss, only way is up!! 
Now going on across the board were loads if other games. 
Anthony took on Riot, which was a game of twists and turns.
Epitomised by this scene, a Renegade unleashing his load into the middle of the Trolls. Pun intended.

That game ended with Magnus the Pussy Taitor taking a cheap Shotgun shot at the Impaler, and a random bullet eyeballing Madrak... Sounds silly? Because it was!!

My second game of the evening was against Convergence of Cyriss. The annoying re spawning of Robots and the spinning Spinny Top nature really annoyed me, but I eventually managed to punch through and kill Syntherion.  A great game of trading blows.

That's all for this Blog,

But what did I learn today?
-Carver can't hit things...
-Warhogs can't hit things...
-and Gun Boars aren't Fun Boars!

Goodnight all!

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Lano Paints: WarmaHordes Journeyman League Harrier Lesser Warbeast

And that's another Warbeast down! 
And with that, my Battle Group finished! 
Il post some photos up later of the completed group!

Here he is!

To be honest I didn't spend ages painting him. Between university and a job, I have little time to get painting done unfortunately. 

But, once in our painting career, I'm sure you can emphasise with me, that at one moment, you add a little TOO much detail and you ruin a model? Yes, I think I may have done just that!
In celebration of my harrier being an absolute annoyance in the past handful of games, I thought he deserved some much needed battle blood. I only put a little on, but unfortunately, looking  at him now, I think it was a little too much. 
The blood effect took the colour away from his teeth which I thought really stood out. Which I liked because it's like, " hey I have loads of teeth, I'm going to chomp ya ya cunt!"
Excuse the English. 
I may have go over the blood effect with some base colours.
Anyways, it's here below.

Now time to talk TACTICS!!!
For those who are in my journeyman league and are reading this, I'm going to throw you a bone. If you're Mr Mike "I'm gonna punch ya" Dunnage, then you've already been on the receiving end of him/her/she/it.

It's animus is very useful. For one fury, it allows my next melee attack to automatically hit, then it expires.

So if your hitting high defence models, this animus is perfect. 
Although it is only RNG Self. So it's either going to be your Harrier or 'Lock dealing the hits. 
Great for use against high level Caster/Locks like Ashlynn. 
So it's use is pretty straight forward, pop animus on your caster for an assassination run, auto hit, pop animus again, buy attack etc rinse and repeat etc .
Where this animus comes in useful, is on the Harrier itself. For two fury, you pop your animus, you charge a target, you kill it and you run away with it's Sprint ability( Sprint allows you to make a full advance (SPD7) at the end of your activation if you killed one or more models during you activation, ignoring free strikes)
Pretty simple, pretty effective!
Use Harriers to hunt solos or important UAs. 
Hear that fellow Journeyman players, he's coming for your UAs and Solos!

Now for the few down sides this animus can present.

Obviously, RNG Self, but hey, we already have Eyeless Sight, no need to get huffy.
Also, critical hits.
Because the animus skips the dice roll to hit, you can not benefit from the Critical Hit effects from your melee weapon.

Eg. Rhyas with Critical Decapitation. 
Because she did not roll to hit, there is no Critical Decapitation.

And that's about it people.
Not much more for me to say than to say thanks to those who read my stuff.
I have people from across the seas reading my stuff, even a few people in Mexico!
And to those who are spying on my Journeyman league army, "Sod off ya cheatin' Basterddd"

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Lano Paints: WarmaHordes Journeyman League Battle Group, Nephilim Soldier

Hey guys! I'm back! 

I'd like to take this chance to not only show off my works from the last two days, but to have a gander about my Journeyman League choices!

So over the last week or two I've been deliberating which Warlock to choose between Lylyth, Thagrosh or Lord Carver.

And I am please to announce, that Thagrosh1 is to be declared my Chosen Champion!
In short, Lylyth1 doesn't appeal to me at the moment, I played with her a lot, and I am not a fan of the battle box either. 
Lord Carver on the other hand, where as I'd love to play him, I simply don't have the money ATM to fund his army... 
It's a shame, because I'd really like to get started on the Farrow!

Thagrosh1 on the other hand, I've been playing him recently as my go to 'lock. He's solid, a mid field 'lock in my opinion, and has an interesting battle group!

For those of you saying "but Thagrosh1 isn't in the starter Battlebox", he is the official alternative battle box for those who want a change.

Now for some photo porn. I managed to find some time to paint my Nephilim Soldier and here he is!

I only managed to get one decent photo before I headed out (I write these blogs while I travel on the train) but I hope you guys like it.

Before I wasn't 100% on Nephilim, but after being forced to use him for Journeyman, I really enjoy his animus and his hitting power!
With Thagrosh1 being able to cast an animus for free once a turn, this effectively gives one Warbeast a free charge with the added attack afterwards if they killed something.
Not too shabby I think! 

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Lano plays: WarmaHordes- 50pts - Mercenaries VS Legion of Everblight

Every Sunday, our super Sexret Sunday gaming club takes place in a location which is extra extra extra secret in Chingford... Near  the Tesco... And that's all I'm disclosing about the location!

During that time, Mike from RiotVilleOnFire and I like to partake in some we like to call, photoporn! 
Two guys with painted armies taking really sweet and astounding photos of two armies going at it like rabbits in a hole.

Unfortunately Mike hadn't painted so we are stuck with a generic battle report for you!

Setting the scene, Mike wanted a 50pts game, straight up caster kill. Unfortunately, I hadn't been behaving with the camera, and I kept forgetting to take photos as we went along, but none the less, enjoy the photos, and what little I can remember from the actual game itself!

Everblight deploys fairly centrally, using Thagrosh1, he is flanked by two full units of Ogryns. I've been playing this list for a while now and I think it works amazingly.  Hits hard, hits fast, and these Ogryns, when times right, can destroy a handful of jacks on the Assault!

These boys earned their supper the last couple of games, even through Trollkin champions they still walked through and have them a right bollocking back!

My man Thagrosh walks in the centre, his role is vital in ensuring the Ofryns stay alive. Between Fog of War and Death Shroud, he helps ensure the advance of the Ogryns through shooting and makes them a solid wall in combat!

Mike's Mule is his old favourite, blasting things apart is his specialty and my god does it do it well! 

Yet again, the game is so good that I forget to take photos. Fast forward a turn, and the Scythean misses a charge by literally the fraction of a millimetre.  

The turn later, that mule is turned to wreckage as the Ogryns hit their prey targets and follow through into the Mule, the left flank is well and truly secured.  The plan is working well as this now forces mike to either divide his forces to hold me up which I want, meaning I can fan out the attack and hit on multiple fronts; or, refuse the lost flank and try to push through on my right. Luckily Mike chooses to stay and fight. Had the gun mages moved off and shot me, my Ogryns would have been feeling a lot of pain suddenly!

In the past I had experienced the annoyance of Eiryss.  Not as potent against hordes, but she did keep death striking my Ogryns, which kept knocking 3 damage a turn.  If Mike had focused and concentrated on killing 1 a turn, maybe the left flank wouldn't have been turned over so quickly.
In the end, my Angelius managed to hunt her down with Eyeless Sight.

This is one of the only panning shots I got.  As you can see, the right hand flank in the distance was being held up, and my left had pushed well forward.  My Scythean who I had used to control the centre of the board and merged with the left, giving them some much needed clearing.
The only problem with this was the lack of coverage Thagrosh could give. Because of the disjointed positioning of both units, his Death Shroud wasn't able to cover both units. In the end, keeping him covering the right flank ended up being the right plan as the -2STR allowed my Ogryns to survive the game. Only the Warmonger Chief and Warspear UA stood amongst the dead.
No pictures were taken on the right due to the ugliness of Unpainted models on both sides.

Photo porn moment, the Scythean does his job holding the Middle while the Ogryns finish up and sweep round.

Being a large model with reach, he has a real threat range which scares a lot of people.  With chain attack Bloodbath, he has a real chance to clear swathes of models in one go!  The hard worker finally went down to Ashlyn but did enough to earn himself an MVP in my eyes. 

2 initials, 1 Bloodbath, and 3 fury later, the middle is empty. I chose to leave the mule alive to get the target in combat bonus but made sure the Gun Mages were cleared. Scythean thinks he looked better without arms I guess lol!

Ashlyn pops her annoying feat of "I hit everything and you hit nothing"
I've learnt in these situations you just have to play through it. 
Luckily, I have enough corpses on my Vassel to unleash a Harrier into the fray. 
With the animus which negates her feat, a damage roll at -8, my harrier rolls 6,6,5 and deals 9! Go harrier!
Ashlyn as you'd expect wasn't amused, he spawned one turn, then died the next... 
Good job little man, good job. 

In the last turn of the game, Alexia was losing her battle of attrition with the Ogryns, between the Warmongwr Chief and Warspear UA, she was losing too many Corpses and finally with the Nephilim soldier  joining the fray, Alexia ran out of transfer targets and joined her undead buddies in the dead pile. 
Soon after, the Ogryns finished their sweep of the left flank, caught sight of Ashlyn, and unleashed an Assault which saw her fall in gracious battle.

Thanks for the game Riot! Maybe next time!

What I have learnt...

1) keeping Thagrosh in the middle handing out the buffs is integral to making this list work.

2) pushing different fronts at keys times.
Having thought the left flank was too far ahead, maybe sometimes over extending can do you well!
I guess it's knowing when and how to push. 

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Lano Talks About: Journeyman WarmaHordes League

Hello again!

Today we talk about WarmaHordes Journeyman league which my local gaming club is going to begin soon.

My other gaming buddy has looked into his collection and tried to pick a force to go with, check his blog @theflamingheretic

So my options are quite thin tbh, it's either Legion of Everblight or Legion of Everblight... Since it's all I have!!
I do have a starter Farrow army, but it's too expensive for me to do, and I don't have the Battlebox force yet. 
Working out at £30ish a week to get me points, and £65 to start, it's money I sadly don't have :(

So let's talk Legion of Everblight...

Lylyth, The Herald of Everblight 

Lylyth is a typical support caster! Her bow allows free charges and the automatic hitting of spells. Considering her fury stat is 5, this is a major boost in her abilities. With natural Def 16 and Armour 14, she is also tricky to pin down!
I always find her a pleasurable caster to play as, Parasite and Eruption of Spines are great offensive spells, while Bad Blood is mainly for Hordes, it is a totally devastating spell against them.

Next up, is the Carnivean.

The heaviest, gnarliest, powerfulist, smackiest, thrashiest AND MOST expensive non-character heavy Warbeast in Hordes. Weighing in at 11pts, this guy boasts a single POW18 and two POW16 WITH an assaulting POW14 10" Spray! Coupled with Lylyth's Parasite, he is an absolute monster. If he gets the charge against another heavy, he WILL munch you. Having been playing this game for a while now, while he hits like a dumpster truck on steroids, he is too expensive, but none the less, he is a force to be reckoned with in any list.

Lastly, 4 Shredders

Coming in at 2pts each, these guys are great Fury batteries and pocket rockets. They excel at tying up infantry and lights and amazing at clearing out solos and stranded strangers.
Most people not take these for the animus, with gives +1Def and Arm! On Lylyth she would be Def17! 

Having 4 will be useful, by working together, I reckon they COULD just maybe take on a heavy.